Our Story

Ivy Ralph earned the auspicious title after inventing the once-famous Kareeba shirt/jacket, which gained international attention when it became the signature wardrobe piece of late Prime Minister Michael Manley. It became the standard dress for his Comrades in the People’s National Party (PNP) in the 70s, and eventually copied by several like-minded political colleagues.

The New York Times reported in 1976 that, “The Kareeba, the styled, open-neck, over-the-pants shirt, and matching trousers suit has become the universally accepted dress for formal occasions, work and leisure wear.”

Her granddaughter, Ivy Coco, a 26-year old influencer and journalist , is a proud West African and West Indian from West Los Angeles, and she is ready to continue her grandmother's legacy but redefining loungewear. Ivy knows that she is a daughter of the African diaspora and as the proud granddaughter of the legendary, Ivy Ralph O.D., her mission is to make a global impact showcasing and enhancing the cultural creations that her grandmother designed in the 70's.